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Tim Bateson

Tim Bateson
After the death of my father in law from a heart attack, I decided to have a long hard look at my own lifestyle and ever expanding waistline. I had gone out for the odd jog and used to go out on my mountain bike every now and again. I was some how kidding myself that I was keeping myself fit. I was 42 years old and my weight had climbed to over 14 stone and rising monthly, I was getting close to being obese.

So I decided to get our running more often and decided to enter a local fell called the Chevy Chase. In my own mind I trained quite well for this race, in reality I was under prepared for the physical demands of this race. This race was hard and very challenging.  However, the people and scenery involved in this local race opened up a new view of running and runners. Some people like to go and run in wild difficult challenging places and it is where they are running that is as important as running itself. 

So following this race I started putting in more miles and started to rediscover the joy of movement, especially when running on trails and in remote places. The fun of just running  has  ultimately led to taking part in more fell races, trail marathons and even ultras.  Oh yes and I also seem to have lost that weight along the way.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Date Event Time
09/10/2011 Kielder Trail Marathon 03:34:02    
28/01/2012 Yorkshire Ultra - 50 miles 10:27:34
 11/03/2012 Blackpool Half Marathon  01:25:04
 06/05/2012 Marathon of the North 02:58:28
19/08/2012  North East Coastal Marathon 03:20:00
29/09/2012  Hardmoors 60  11:56:00    
01/01/2013     Hardmoors 30DNS 
23/03/2013 Hardmoors 55  
28/04/2013 Marathon of the North  
24/05/2013 Hardmoors 110  
06/07/2013 Chevy Chase (20 miles)  
07/07/2013 Coniston Marathon 
27/07/2013Lakeland 50  
21/09/2013 Hardmoors 60