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Phillip Turton

Unlike many trail runners I had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the tarmac of the City and onto the trails of Northumberland and Yorkshire....
After my marathon debut at Kielder followed by my ultra debut on the North Yorkshire Moors in the Frostbite 50  I finally "got" the lure of the trail.....
I now see myself as a fully fledged trail runner and simply cant imagine returning to the bland drudgery that is tarmac.  As a teacher and father of four running trails is my escape, it provides me with some sanity in an otherwise insane existence.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Date Event Time
05/2011 Keswick Half Marathon
Kielder Trail Marathon
 28/01/2012 Yorkshire Ultra - 50 miles DNF 45
 07/2012 Coniston Trail Marathon 04:48:32
19/08/2012  North East Coastal Marathon  
29/09/2012  Hardmoors 60